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Home CCTV Installation in West Auckland

Feeling secure in your own home is essential for peace of mind. Unfortunately, several things, such as potential break-ins and neighbourhood disturbances, can undermine this feeling of security. 

Installing a CCTV system is an effective means for homeowners to monitor activities, acquire evidence, and discourage crime. One West Auckland household decided to invest in a CCTV installation after their neighbours' persistent disturbances. 

Project Overview

We recently completed the second residential CCTV system installation for a client in West Auckland. This project involved installing a two-camera security system to improve the safety and security of a single homeowner who was experiencing ongoing disturbances from her neighbours.

The Challenges

Our client faced several significant challenges:

  1. Persistent harassment from neighbours, including physical and verbal abuse.
  2. Objects are being thrown over her fence regularly.
  3. Threats and confrontations, particularly when accessing her vehicle on the driveway.
  4. A need for enhanced security without confrontation.

Our Solution

We installed a two-camera, 6-megapixel CCTV system with a four-channel recorder and a 2-terabyte hard drive. This system:

  1. Records all activity around the property
  2. Provides motion alerts for activity on the driveway and back deck
  3. Offers peace of mind and a sense of security

The Benefits

The installation of a CCTV system provides the homeowner with several benefits:

  1. Reassurance at Home: The homeowner feels safer and more secure when at home, knowing the property is monitored.
  1. Security While Away: The system keeps the homeowner informed of any disturbances, so even when she leaves, the property is safe.
  1. Crime Deterrence: Having cameras in plain sight keeps possible intruders away.
  1. Rapid Response: In the event of an incident involving security, this feature enables the homeowner to promptly notify the police, enabling prompt response and intervention.
  1. Peace of Mind: overall enhancement of the homeowner's peace of mind through continuous surveillance and alert capabilities.

Project Cost

The total cost of this CCTV installation was $3,962 including GST. This cost was specially designed to accommodate the homeowner's specific needs and situation, guaranteeing reasonable expenses without sacrificing the best available CCTV solutions and support.

Home CCTV Installation in West Auckland project cost


The success of this project effectively shows our dedication to improving home security through innovative CCTV camera systems. We take pride in our ability to provide specialised solutions for specific security problems, giving our clients a sense of security and safety in their homes.

If you are facing similar security concerns or require a customised CCTV solution, don't hesitate to contact us. Reach out today at 0800 425 576 to discuss your security needs.

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