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Advanced CCTV Setup for Residential Safety

Being uneasy in your own house can be very distressing. Installing a security camera system is a proactive measure that many homeowners use to achieve peace of mind and deter crime. A homeowner decided to invest in a complete CCTV setup because they were worried about suspicious behaviour occurring on their driveway.

Project Overview 

This project involved installing a complete CCTV security system for a concerned homeowner. Their driveway had been a target for suspicious activity, and they needed a system to deter crime, provide visual evidence, and offer remote monitoring capabilities.

The Challenges

  1. Neighbourhood Safety Concerns: Reports from neighbours indicated suspicious activities around the client's driveway, with unidentified individuals snooping around the parked cars.
  1. Potential Risk of Theft: Although no theft occurred throughout the reported incident, the possibility remained a significant concern, requiring enhanced security measures.
  1. Need for Real-Time Surveillance: The homeowners required a solution that would not only record but also alert them instantly to any presence on their property, whether they were home or away.

Our Solution

We designed a five-camera CCTV system strategically placed around the property to provide comprehensive coverage.

  1. There are two 8-megapixel TriGuard cameras at the front of the house, offering high-resolution recording and the ability to communicate through the camera.
  1. Three 6-megapixel Turret cameras cover the other sides of the house and rear deck, enhancing perimeter security.
  1. An 8-channel CCTV recorder with a six-terabyte hard drive to store footage for three to four weeks.

The system included the following functionalities:

  1. Motion Detection Alerts: Real-time notifications were delivered directly to the homeowner's smartphone whenever motion was detected on the property.
  1. Remote Intervention: The Tri-Guard cameras enabled two-way communication, enabling the homeowner to talk directly to possible burglars through the camera, even when away from home.
  1. Automated Deterrence: The Tri-Guard cameras had an automated verbal warning system and floodlights that would activate upon sensing motion at night, deterring intruders and helping with nighttime identification.

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The Benefits

This CCTV system solution provides homeowners with several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: The full video coverage and remote intervention features significantly improved the homeowner's sense of security.
  1. Peace of Mind: Real-time notifications and the ability to monitor the property remotely provide peace of mind, even when away from home.
  2. Enhanced Deterrent: Potential burglars were successfully deterred by the combination of automatic deterrent features, motion detection alerts, and high-resolution cameras.
  1. Evidence Collection: Footage captured by the system could be used as valuable evidence in the event of a security breach.

Project Cost

The total cost for the complete installation of our advanced CCTV system was $4,928, including GST. This cost includes setting up and installing an all-inclusive surveillance system that is tailored to the home's unique security requirements. 

Advanced CCTV Setup for Residential Safety project cost


This CCTV system empowers the homeowner with complete property surveillance and remote monitoring capabilities. The homeowner has already successfully intervened in an incident involving local teenagers, demonstrating the CCTV system's effectiveness.

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