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Enhanced Security Solutions for Vehicle Repair Workshop in Auckland

Many vehicle repair workshops handle expensive equipment, parts, and vehicles, which makes them prime targets for theft and vandalism. In addition to financial damage, this may put workers' safety in jeopardy. To address these issues, a vehicle repair workshop in Auckland decided to implement enhanced security solutions.

Project Overview

A vehicle repair workshop recently faced security issues, including direct dangers to employee safety and financial loss as a result of unwanted intrusions. They reached out to us and made arrangements for a thorough CCTV installation to resolve these concerns. Our goal was to increase security inside and outside the building to protect employees and assets from theft and vandalism.

The Challenges

  1. Reception Area Security: Staff faced intimidation and threats from unruly visitors. Surveillance was required in the reception area to keep an eye on everything and to offer proof when needed.
  1. Theft in Workshop: There have been cases where non-staff members have taken tools from the workshop, usually when workers are preoccupied or don't show up for work.
  1. Claims of Vehicle Damage: The workshop had to deal with several allegations of on-site vehicle damage; therefore, it needed a reliable way to confirm the state of the cars when they arrived.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we conducted a comprehensive security assessment of the workshop and implemented a strategic CCTV camera system:

  1. High-Definition Reception Area Monitoring: A 6-megapixel turret camera was installed to capture clear footage of the entrance and reception area, deterring thieves and burglars and providing high-quality evidence for the Police if necessary.
  1. Perimeter Security: To ensure employee safety upon arrival and departure, a second 6-megapixel turret camera with day/night vision was installed strategically outside to watch activity surrounding the workshop entrance.
  1. Workshop Security: To prevent theft and identify unauthorised individuals, a sturdy 4K 8-megapixel Turret camera was installed within the workshop.
  1. Entrance Gate Monitoring: To resolve any customer claims of car damage, a 5-megapixel bullet camera with a zoom lens was set up to give a clear view of the entrance gate.
  1. Centralised Recording: An eight-channel video recorder with an eight-terabyte capacity was part of the entire setup, guaranteeing continuous recording and archiving of footage. With its round-the-clock functioning, the system offers fast access to recorded data.
  1. Remote Access: Clients can view live video remotely from their laptops or smartphones, whether they are at their desks or at home. This feature significantly enhances the flexibility and responsiveness of monitoring.

The Benefits

This CCTV system solution provides the vehicle repair workshop with several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Staff Safety: The high-definition cameras give useful footage for police investigations and discourage potential attacks.
  2. Reduced Theft: The workshop's CCTV cameras deter tool theft and offer proof if it does happen.
  1. Dispute Resolution: By using recordings to confirm the state of cars upon arrival, damage claims can be settled quickly and fairly.

Project Cost

This project was completed at a total cost of $5,242, plus GST, covering all necessary equipment, installation, and setup. The setup includes an eight-channel video recorder with eight terabytes of storage, two 6-megapixel turret cameras, a 4K 8-megapixel turret camera, and a 5-megapixel zoom bullet camera. 

Clients can also remotely view live video on their smartphones or laptops, enhancing monitoring capabilities.

Security Solutions for Vehicle Repair Workshop in Auckland project cost


The accomplishment of this project demonstrates our dedication to providing advanced and trustworthy security solutions. Our goal is to make sure our clients can run their businesses without worrying about security breaches or unjustified liabilities.

If you are concerned about the safety of your employees and the security of your business, a CCTV system can be an excellent investment. 

For a free consultation to go over your unique needs, get in touch with us right now at 0800 425 576.

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