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Advanced Security System for Warehouse and Office in West Auckland

Warehouses often store valuable equipment and inventory, leaving them vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Regretfully, businesses of all sizes may have to deal with these security issues. Many businesses are making investments in advanced security systems to protect their employees and assets in response to this growing need.

Project Overview

Our client was looking for a reliable CCTV surveillance system after several security breaches, such as a successful break-in at the front door and an attempted entry at the back of the warehouse and office complex in West Auckland. Our goal was to improve security by installing advanced CCTV cameras that actively discourage potential intruders in addition to recording incidents.

The Challenges

  1. Front Door Intrusion: Intruders successfully forced entry through the front door, accessing
  2. Attempted Break-in: A separate attempt was made to break into an external building adjacent to the main warehouse, though this was unsuccessful.

Our Solution

We put in place a strong CCTV security system with the following components for preventive defence:

  1. Continuous Recording and Remote Monitoring: For three to four weeks, an eight-channel NVR with eight terabytes of storage allowed for nonstop recording. The clients could use desktops, laptops, or smartphones to remotely see the recorded footage and live video. 
  2. High-Definition Cameras: Six strategically installed 4K 8-megapixel tri-guard cameras provided outstanding image quality and a variety of features.
  1. Intrusion Detection: Motion sensors sent off alarms that sent a 20-second video clip to the client's smartphone, enabling quick action.
  1. Verbal Warnings: A built-in speaker broadcasted a pre-recorded warning message to deter intruders caught on camera after hours.
  1. Floodlight Activation: A floodlight would turn on when it observed motion, illuminating the area and producing colour night vision footage to further discourage trespassers.
  1. Perimeter Coverage: Cameras monitored key areas:
  • Main entrance (front door)Building side along the main driveway
  • Loading-bay entrance with a rolling shutter
  • Rear external building (second break-in attempt location)
  1. Interior Monitoring: In the event of a successful break-in, two carefully positioned, six-megapixel turret cameras within the warehouse walkways offered further protection and video.

The Benefits

This CCTV system solution provides the warehouse and office with several benefits:

  1. Proactive Deterrence: By combining alerts, high-definition recording, vocal warnings, and floodlights, the system effectively deters attempted break-ins.
  2. Real-Time Response: When the client notices suspicious activity, they can immediately notify the authorities, which speeds up the response time.
  3. Enhanced Security: In the event of successful intrusions or break-in attempts, continuous recording offers invaluable proof.

Project Cost

The CCTV system included six high-definition tri-guard cameras outdoors for perimeter monitoring with real-time alerts, two additional cameras inside the warehouse, and an eight-channel recorder for continuous footage storage. Remote access allows the client to view live footage and receive alerts on smartphones and other devices. The total cost was $9,557 plus GST.

Advanced Security System for Warehouse and Office in West Auckland project cost


Our specialised security solutions give clients peace of mind and a reliable way to keep their property safe from illegal activity. This project is evidence of our dedication to using technology to make sure businesses can run with security and assurance. 

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