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High Definition Hik Vision CCTV System Installation for a New Auckland Cafe in Albany

In an era where business security is vital, we armed a new Auckland cafe with an advanced four-camera CCTV system. This installation guarantees enhanced security and operational efficiency, giving the owners the necessary oversight and security.

Project Overview

We recently finished a full CCTV system installation for a new cafe in Auckland. First-time business owners wanted to protect their investments and guarantee operational effectiveness, so they started this project.

The Challenges

The cafe owners, new to business ownership, were concerned about:

  1. Profitability: Making sure customers have paid before leaving.
  1. Staff Safety: Protecting staff in case of confrontations with angry customers.
  1. Employee Productivity: Maintaining a watch on employees' work to make sure tables are cleaned quickly, customers are served efficiently, and any inconsistencies at the counter are resolved.

Our Solution

1. To address their needs, we installed a four-camera CCTV system with a remote access feature. The setup included:

A 4-camera, 6-megapixel turret camera system has been installed to:

  • Record all activity inside and outside the cafe for 3–4 weeks.
  • Give the owner of the cafe the ability to use their laptop, tablet, or smartphone to watch live or recorded video.
  • Resolve any problems by talking with employees, calling the police, or taking other appropriate action.

2. Camera Locations:

  • Main Entrance: Full-face shots of each person coming into and going out of the cafe were taken.
  • Cash Register: Tracked interactions between customers and staff.
  • Kitchen: Ensured meals were prepared correctly and promptly.
  • Car Park: Recorded any damage to vehicles.

3. Recording Capability

A four-channel CCTV recorder with four terabytes of memory was included in the system, allowing footage to be kept for three to four weeks.

The Benefits

The installation of a CCTV system provides the cafe owner with several benefits:

  1. Monitor customer transactions at the counter, making sure all payments are processed.
  1. For safety and legal reasons, document any interactions with customers.
  1. Observe staff productivity, ensuring that service remains swift and efficient.
  1. Protect the outside of the cafe, especially the parking lot, from any property damage or security risks.

Project Cost

The cost of installing the CCTV system was carefully estimated to provide the cafe owners with the best return on their investment. The project came with a total cost of $2,980 plus GST.

The purchase of a powerful four-channel CCTV recorder with 4 terabytes of storage, high-resolution 6-megapixel turret cameras, and expert installation services were all included in this all-inclusive cost. 

High Definition Hik Vision CCTV System Installation cost for a New Auckland Cafe in Albany


This CCTV system has given the cafe owners a powerful tool for managing their first business effectively, ensuring safety, profitability, and operational efficiency. They now have a thorough understanding of the day-to-day activities and security at their cafe, thanks to the real-time monitoring and powerful recording features.

Are you interested in securing your business with a similar CCTV solution? For further information or to arrange a consultation, call 0800 425 576.

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