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Increased Stockyard Security with After-Hours Alerts - Mt Wellington

Every business owner should be able to rest easy knowing that their property and inventory are safe. Regrettably, vandalism and theft can be serious risks that result in significant financial losses. This recent project demonstrates how we installed a CCTV camera system to meet the unique security needs of a stockyard client.

Project Overview

We were recently approached to enhance the security of a stockyard after a routine stock check revealed a significant loss—up to $20,000 worth of material. To address this issue, our client decided to install advanced CCTV cameras to monitor the yard, especially after business hours.

The Challenges

  1. Inventory Loss: There was a noticeable absence of products from the stockyard, which led to worries about possible theft.
  1. Limited Night Visibility: Traditional CCTV cameras only view in black and white at night since the stockyard lacks exterior lighting.
  1. Remote Monitoring: The client wanted a system that would allow them to keep an eye on activities from a distance, especially after work.

Our Solution

We designed and set up a complete CCTV security system based on the unique requirements of the client.

1. Colour Hunter Cameras:

Eight 4K 8-megapixel cameras with built-in lighting were installed. By providing clear, vivid colours at night, these cameras can improve visibility and eliminate the need for external floodlights.

2. Varifocal Bullet Cameras:

We set up the rear of the premises with a 5-megapixel camera that has an incredible 50-metre infrared range to make sure no corner is missed. This camera is positioned carefully to keep an eye on the property's more isolated parts.

3. Storage and Accessibility:

Three to four weeks' worth of high-definition recorded footage can be stored on a durable 16-channel Uniview NVR with a 12-terabyte capacity that was installed.

4. Proactive Security Notifications:

During off-peak hours (6:00 PM to 7:00 AM), the system is set up to instantly transmit 20-second video clips to the client's smartphone as real-time notifications for any detected motion. This feature makes sure that the client is informed right away of any unusual activity, enabling prompt action and peace of mind.

The Benefits

The installation of a CCTV system provides the stockyard owner with several benefits:

  1. Theft Deterrence: The visible presence of CCTV cameras deters potential theft attempts.
  1. Enhanced Security: Alerts sent out after hours enable prompt action in reaction to questionable activities, potentially leading to the capture of offenders and a damage reduction.
  1. Better Monitoring: Being able to keep an eye on the stockyard remotely makes it easier to take preventative security measures and guarantees worker safety during business hours.
  1. Detailed Evidence: Vivid, high-resolution colour video offers convincing proof in the event of a prosecution.

Project Cost

The total cost for the installation of the nine cameras, the setup of the NVR system, and integration into the existing security infrastructure was $14,794, plus GST. This cost will significantly lower potential losses in the future and improve security overall.

Project Cost - Increased Stockyard Security with After-Hours Alerts


This project demonstrates the effectiveness of a strategically designed CCTV system in safeguarding valuable inventory and enhancing overall stockyard security. We gave the client peace of mind and security for their assets by combining advanced CCTV technology with remote monitoring features.

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